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Home Tour: My First Home

My new house!
Written by Tracey

A first look at my home

I finally got in! After wrangling the door for about ten minutes (there’s not so much a knack to it as there is a puzzle). So I thought I’d give you a tour.

The outside view

There was a worrying moment just after Himself arrived, when the cops rocked up behind him. What kind of neighbourhood was this? Fortunately they were just talking to an elderly neighbour.

Hamper from Nationwide

Nationwide sent us a care package for having the mortgage with them. It was full of useful stuff like loo roll. About five minutes after this I discovered that the stopcock had been turned off. Don’t ask. It was a time of much panic.

Hallway mid-decoration

Looks like the hallway didn’t get finished! I’m actually glad, as they were planning on putting carpet down and I want to try staining the wood. I’ll have to get more lining paper, too.

Living room

Big living room, at least by English standards.

Horrible fireplace!

This is going as fast as I can carry it out of the house.

“It’s a conversation piece,” said Himself, who loves nothing more than a good disagreement.

“It’s not, it’s a bloody nightmare.”

“Well, you’re talking about it, aren’t you?”

Kitchen with flagstone floor

The kitchen is so much bigger than I remember from the tour. The units are solid but plasticky.

Built in wardrobes

These are not plasticky. These are great.

Purple bedroom

Yes, this is just as eye-searingly purple in real life.

Bedroom with mural

“It’s so twee,” said Himself. “I want to sleep underneath it then play a ukulele.”

“You can’t play a ukulele.”

“I bet it will make me.”

Bathroom with shower screen

The bath is cast iron and is an original feature. It’s going to need a lot of cleaning.

Pull chain toilet

Separate bath and toilet! I love it, it’s so practical. The toilet is also original to the house; I’ve always loved those old pull chain toilets. But that’s nothing compared to this…

Tiled ceiling

DISCO BATHROOM CEILING. I don’t know what’s going on and I don’t care.

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