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Written by Tracey

“Let’s buy somewhere where we won’t have to do much work!” said himself.

Ha ha. Ha ha ha.




We had a lot of work we couldn’t complete ourselves. The boiler didn’t work, for starters. The electrical circuit kept breaking & we couldn’t figure out why. My mother always said, “I don’t do electrics & I don’t do plumbing.” Other people get inspiration, I got health & safety tips.

Cue: entire new boiler. Luckily a friend of mine fitted one for us, as well as a new shower.

Then the fix I’d done on the front door failed spectacularly; the inside mechanism sheared right off. As with everything else, it had obviously been on it’s last legs when we moved in. (It was around this time himself took to wandering around the house exclaiming, “It’s a shack!”) I couldn’t pry it out so I had to call a locksmith.

This was the first week in residence. Then we got a letter from the council about the garage. It’s in a separate block & I hadn’t even gone over to look at it. It looked like this.

Yeah. That was a surprise. Had to get a new one of those.

We may have started some kind of ultra local gentrification!

I’ll be honest. I really resented not just having to spend the money I wanted to keep aside for decorating on essential improvements, but also having to get all these things that I wasn’t able to do myself.

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