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So We’re Not Moved In

“I think moving is the least stressful thing I’m doing at the moment,” said Himself. It’s all his fault.

We were doing okay until it came time to actually move.

We’ve been really lucky with our conveyancer. A friend of ours did it; it’s really nice when you’re in the process of moving to know that at least one person involved isn’t going to screw you over. We got our call from the lovely conveyancer at half twelve to say we’d completed and dashed straight over to the estate agents to pick up the keys. Be ready by three, they said.

Ten to five we called back. They were having a bit of trouble, apparently, but if we went over at seven they’d be done.

They weren’t. We were very nice about it! Then we called the conveyancer again & started the meter running. We’re getting some compensation from them, which is a start.

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